2021, 45x60cm, 12 images, pigment print

In Rome, a daily ritual takes place on the Gianicolo Hill. Ever since 1847, a cannon shot is fired there at precisely 12 noon. Once upon a time, the Vatican wished to make sure that all churches in Rome knew exactly when it was 12 noon, allowing them to synchronize the tolling of their bells. This cannon salvo has long become obsolete. But the daily routine became a ritual, and it has been maintained. On my walks, as I took pictures of numerals along the streets I had selected, I noticed how many clocks in the public space were actually not showing the correct time. I liked this contradiction very much. A daily cannon shot prescribes a unified temporality, and yet so many clocks display the wrong time. Once, just as the cannon salvo resounded, I happened to be standing in front of a clock that was behind and began to take pictures of these slow or overly “hasty” clocks, always at 12 noon.